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Ever curious about the local food resources in and around Charlotte? Ever wanted to know more about what’s happening to the bees? Ever wondered what you can do to support local Charlotte musicians amid the pandemic? 

As the UNC Charlotte BFA Graphic Design Class of Spring 2021, we have had the privilege of developing into dynamic, forward thinking designers in the Queen City, yet there were so many facets of the community that were largely unknown to us. As we were learning to tackle design problems and growing as a strong Senior class, the COVID-19 pandemic entered our lives and left feelings of isolation and stagnation. However, we continued to design, create, and speculate, and learned just how important community is to get through a collectively harrowing experience. A year into it, we developed tools with which to reframe the communities in our city through the lens of design and to provide the space to SHIFT perspectives on current issues. 

Each of the 24 graduating students has dedicated their final semester to researching and designing a speculative solution for a specific community of Charlotte. With topics ranging from mental health prioritization for African Americans to promoting Charlotte area artists, these projects showcase the versatility of our talented class. As a whole, this exhibition represents the culmination of each student’s artistic development, achieved after many years of experimentation, research and critical thinking. We invite you to celebrate with us and to experience the complexities and beautiful diversity of the Charlotte community around us. The exhibition will be virtually presented via Zoom on May 4th from 5pm-7pm. The presentation will be split into two sections; Section 1 from 5-6pm and Section 2 from 6-7pm. Please see below for a list of students in each section. We hope you can make it and please help spread the word! This is a no cost exhibition, but we would love for you to RSVP with the Eventbrite link below. When May 4th arrives, you can access the Zoom link through Eventbrite or our Instagram (@shift_uncc). Also, check out our Instagram for designer highlights as we count down to the exhibition. We are so excited to share what we have been working on.


Section 1 Designers (5-6 p.m.): Asantewaa Hooks, Caroline Blinson, Caylee Stark, Concepcion Thao, Katerina Sykes, Matt Teseniar, Jamie Ku, Maia Em, Michael Bass, Sinise Beckett, Timothy Schaefer, Yasmin Solares

Section 2 Designers (6-7 p.m.): Alina Zhupikov, Emma Headley, G’kar Joseph, Gerson Berrio, James Bourke, Jessica Eppinette, Julianna Silva, Kara Menck, Maha Ansari, Marshall Pritchard, Miranda Starnes, Vala Rizvanolli


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  • Kyle Van Tubbergh
  • Matthew Wieser
  • Ammad Rabbani
  • Dereck Sorto-Maltez

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The exhibiton will be available via Zoom link. The link is listed here and in our Instagram bio (@shift_uncc). You can also RSVP with a no cost ticket on our Eventbrite page here:

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